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9 Rules

  • Please, no hipster shots, your Facebook's photos nor any other unfunny content. This is a community of FUN ONLY.
  • Respect originality and creativity. Try using Google Images to find the origin of the post.
  • Think of a descriptive or creative title, instead of LOL, True, :) or if...then f**k you.
  • Search for dupes before posting. Duplicate posts will be removed.
  • Get this to the Hot page is worse than Like this / Press L and both will be removed.
  • No blogspam. Many, many sites just recycle pics from other sites and put ads on it.
  • If you would hesitate to show the content to your coworkers, your mum, or Uncle Bob, please mark it as NSFW.
  • NSFW posts will be removed if not marked as such.
  • [Fixed] posts should be added using the Fix this post button.

9GAG Clone Script Keyboard Shortcuts

  • R - random
  • C - comment
  • H - hate
  • J - next
  • K - previous
  • L - like

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